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Sagging Skin Los Angeles

Weakening of the supportive skin structure, collagen and elastin fibers, results in the loss of skin firmness, causing most anatomic features to droop. When facial skin becomes redundant, the excess skin accentuates the depth and severity of wrinkles and the jowls drop below the jawline. Smoking, gravity, and sun damage are believed to be the major contributors to skin laxity. To correct this condition, Nu Vela offers Titan™ Light Therapy for sagging skin. SkinTyte, another light light-based therapy offered by Nu Vela, is mainly intended for tightening larger areas of loose skin, such as the abdomen, thighs, and hands. Both procedures are safe and effective, requiring no recovery time. Thermage is another option, but more invasive.

Please go to Titan™ and SkinTyte for skin tightening to learn more about the technology, procedure, and the aftercare involved with these wonderful, light-based, truly “lunchtime” skin procedures. Dr. Dishakjian, the cosmetic surgeon of the medical spa, has long and extensive experience using these systems. More than 90 percent of patients receiving these treatments at Nu Vela, particularly women between the ages of 40 to 70, confirm improvement in their skin firmness after receiving 2 or 3 treatments during a year.


Questions about Titan™ or SkinTyte Light Therapies or the Cost?

Questions about Titan light therapy, SkinTyte, or the cost? Contact our medical spa at 818-832-4500 and request a consultation session with Dr. Dishakjian, cosmetic surgeon and a board-certified physician. Consultations with the doctor are free with the purchase of any service. We charge a nominal refundable consultation fee for the first office visit only. This fee is fully credited towards a subsequently purchased service. Our medical spa is located in the northwest San Fernando Valley, SFV, with easy connection from most local Los Angeles freeways. Click the “Contact” button at the top of the page for directions.