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Body Fat Pockets Los Angeles

Body sculpting with lipotherapy using Lipodissolve injections is increasingly becoming popular in Los Angeles because the procedure is typically performed in a doctor’s office, requires little downtime, and yields excellent results.

Lipotherapy involves injecting a mixture of fat-dissolving medications, commonly known as Lipodissolve, into the subcutaneous fatty tissue with the aim of giving you a more contoured, toned appearance. LipoZap, Lipo-Dissolve, and Lipomelt are other lipotherapy products that contain the same chemicals as Lipodissolve; namely, Phosphatidylcholine and Sodium Deoxycholate, sometimes in addition to few other ingredients.

The chemicals used in lipotherapy dissolve the molecular bond between the fat cells, causing the fat to become liquid. The body’s natural waste-filtration system then flushes the fat out through urination over a period of a few weeks to a month.
Lipotherapy addresses the uneven distribution of fat rather than overall obesity. Pockets of excess fat in certain areas of the body that do not respond to exercise and dieting can be conveniently shaped with lipotherapy to give the desired contour. Therefore lipotherapy should not to be considered a substitute for diet and exercise for weight loss.


Lipotherapy Fat Reduction – An Alternative to Liposuction

Lipotherapy, sometimes referred to as injection lipolysis, is often touted as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, or a minimally invasive body contouring procedure. Unlike liposuction, lipotherapy requires no general anesthesia and has no significant down time.

The areas that respond the most to lipotherapy include thighs, love handles, upper arms, abdomen, bra line, saddlebags. Lipotherapy can also be conveniently used to shape the face or the area under the chin. Other applications of liptherapy include treating conditions such as male gynecomastia, lipomas, surgical deformities and uneven contour resulting from liposuction. Patients often experience dramatic results after only a few treatments.

Why to Choose Nu Vela for Lipotherapy

Dr. Dishakjian is one of the most experienced Lipotherapy physicians in California, who has safely performed thousands of face and body contouring procedures in the past nine years without coming across even one case of serious side effects. Dr. Dishakjian is a member of the International Meso-Lipotherapy Society and has received accredited lipotherapy training. Dr. Dishakjian has been featured on abc channel’s Eyewitness News in order to express his expert opinion on the effectiveness and safety of Lipodissolve injections when used for body contouring purposes.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Dishakjian will examine the target areas and discuss your best options and answer any questions you may have about the actual procedure. He will give you an estimate of how many treatment sessions will be needed to achieve the desired results.


Candidates Eligible to Lipotherapy

To be eligible for body contouring with lipotherapy, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less. If your BMI is higher, the results of the lipotherapy will not be sufficient to produce the desired visual results. The best candidates for lipotherapy are normal-weight people with firm, elastic skin, who have pockets of excess fat in certain areas. Patients who take blood thinning medications, or those with diabetes, HIV, kidney disease, severe hypertension, cardiac problems, hemophilia, or with unrealistic expectations are all unsuitable for the procedure.

Prepararing Yourself for Lipotherapy

Although there is very little formal preparation, patients are encouraged to drink plenty of water prior to the procedure to reduce bruising or swelling. Certain medications that may increase your chance of bruising, including many herbal preparations, vitamin E supplements and other anti-inflammatory agents such as aspirin should be stopped well before the procedure.

The Lipotherapy Procedure

Using a very fine needle, Dr. Dishakjian performs multiple micro injections of Lipodissolve, less than an inch apart, directly into the fat layer under the skin. A mild, local anesthetic mixed in the fat-dissolving medication prior to its injection will numb the injection site and minimize any discomfort. The procedure is done in the office and takes only about 15 to 30 minutes.


What is the Recovery Like

Some patients will notice bruising or discoloration that usually fades within a week. All patients experience mild to significant swelling and redness in the treated area. This is normal and expected. The majority of the swelling will subside after 2 days. Although patients can resume normal activities even on the day of the treatment, it is recommended that they schedule their treatment such that they can avoid strenuous activities.

When Results are Expected

Lipotherapy treatments are done in monthly intervals. For small fatty deposits one to two treatment sessions are typically required, whereas for mid-sized areas, 3-4 treatment sessions are more common. Larger areas may need 6 or more sessions. We at Nu Vela, have found that more than 90% of our patients are very pleased with the result they observe after 3 to 5 treatments. Since fat cells are reduced from the treatment area, any future weight gain will tend to occur more evenly rather than in focal areas.

Common Side Effects

Common side effects with lipodissolve injections are a burning or stinging sensation that frequently lasts for up to an hour after the injections. A temporary side effect beyond the edema are nodules that form under the skin of some patients. The nodules may range from pea to marble sized. They are invisible on the skin’s surface, but can be felt upon touching. The nodules disappear on their own within six months after the treatment.

Safety of Lipotherapy

The chemicals contained in Lipodissolve have been used in various medical applications since the 1950s and for cosmetic purposes since the mid 90s. In more than one million reported treatments worldwide, no significant adverse affects have been reported when treatment is administered by a trained physician. There are no surgical risks because the need for surgery is eliminated. Please go to Lipodissolve to read more about this wonderful fat dissolving product.