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Spider Vein Removal Los Angeles

Nu Vela is equipped with the most advanced vascular lasers and state-of-the-art varicose vein removal technologies intended for the elimination of any type of unsightly superficial vein virtually on any part of the body.

Veins that can be removed at Nu Vela include spider veins, reticular veins (small blue veins), and leg varicose veins. Click vein treatment Los Angeles, spider vein treatment Los Angeles, or varicose vein treatment Los Angeles to read more about the effective procedures used at our medical spa.

Besides being a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dishakjian is one of the most experienced vein specialists in Southern California.

You can read about venous disease, symptoms associated with the disease, and the treatments offered by Dr. Dishakjian by visiting our vein website, Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center. Here we present a brief description of the vein treatment services offered at our medical suite.


Sclerotherapy is an almost painless procedure that entails the use of a very fine needle to inject a sclerosant (a liquid medication) directly into an unsightly vein. The injected vein is damaged and then eventually absorbed by the body.

Dr. Dishakjian uses Sclerotherapy to reduce leg spider veins, chest veins, and prominent hand veins. The cosmetic outcome of the procedure is excellent, but the final results are only seen after several weeks.


Foam Sclerotherapy

This technique uses the injection of a foamed chemical instead of a liquid as is the case with Sclerotherapy. The foamed nature of the injected substance ensures that less of the chemical will be needed for reducing larger veins, thus reducing the risk associated with the injection of a large amount of chemical in the body.

Dr. Dishakjian uses foam Sclerotherapy to reduce medium-sized leg varicose veins. The results are impressive with no scarring. Patients can resume their normal activities on the day following the treatment.


Microphlebectomy or Ambulatory Phlebectomy

In microphlebectomy, a hook like the crochet hook is used to remove a superficial vein through a puncture on the overlying skin.

Dr. Dishakjian uses microphlebectomy to remove the very superficial leg varicose veins. Scarring in the leg is minimal and patients can resume their normal activities the day following the procedure.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation

During the last decade, endovenous thermal ablation procedures have almost put an end to the surgical removal of leg varicose veins that required hospitalization and resulted in the scarring of the leg.

Endovenous thermal ablation uses a laser (EVLT system) or a radiofrequency generating electrode (Venefit system) to close the main superficial veins of the leg that are in direct communication with the deep vein system.

The procedure is performed using local anesthesia. The laser fiber or the radiofrequency electrode used during the procedure is entered into the vein through a small incision created on the skin above the vein. The incompetent veins are closed by the application of thermal energy generated by the laser fiber or the electrode that is guided using Ultrasound Duplex Imaging.

The entire procedure takes less than an hour and patients are able to return to their normal activities on the day following the procedure.

Besides the fact that the cosmetic outcome of the procedure is excellent, treatment with endovenous thermal ablation can alleviate most symptoms associated with varicose veins. Heavy and aching legs, restless legs, and leg cramping are a few examples.