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Hand Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Hand rejuvenation treatments can give your hands a youthful and more attractive appearance. aging and other factors can cause bones, veins, and other structures of the hand to become more prominent, giving them a withered appearance. At Nu Vela Laser Medical Spa, we have provided numerous patients with excellent results from their hand rejuvenation in Los Angeles.

Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?

Features typical to aging hands are several-fold and present to different degrees. As we age, our hands lose plumpness and firmness, reveal ropey veins, joints, and tendons, and the skin of the back of the hands becomes thinner and flecked with brown spots.

These changes on hands occur, besides due to the natural process of aging, from their extensive unprotected use and sun exposure. Despite the fact that our hands spend a lot of time in the “driver’s seat” wrapped around a steering wheel, few of us remember to put sunscreen on them. While hand creams and sunscreens are a good first line of defense, often they are not enough.


The Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Unlike hand creams and sunscreens, hand rejuvenation treatments produce dramatic results by restoring the youthful appearance of the hands. The key to success in hand rejuvenation is to decide what anatomic features contribute to the wasted and skeletal look of the aging hand, decide which interventions are needed, and in what sequence. Some of these interventions address the aging skin, while others restore volume or reduce the unsightly veins.


Options for Hand Rejuvenation

At our medical spa in Porter Ranch, Dr. Raffi Dishakjian, a cosmetic surgeon and vein specialist, can restore the youth of your hands and arms by using a variety of procedures that address different aspects of the aging hands. The hand and arm rejuvenating treatments offered by Dr. Dishakjian are the following:

The Cost of Hand Rejuvenation

During your initial consultation, Dr. Dishakjian can take the time to carefully analyze the condition of your hands and let you know which treatment can provide you with the results you are looking for. The cost of your hand rejuvenation will vary based on the type of treatment performed along with other factors. Dr. Dishakjian can let you know about the financing and payment options we offer.

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We should point out that over the last past decade, Dr. Dishakjian has treated hundreds of arms and hands with amazing results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Dishakjian will show you dozens of before/after photos so that you know what to expect. Please don’t hesitate to call 818-832-4500 to schedule a comprehensive appointment.