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11200 Corbin Ave Suite 104

Porter Ranch, CA 91326

Our Cosmetic Medical Office

Our vascular cosmetic laser surgery center; a modern vein clinic and medical spa

Nu Vela Laser Medical Spa is a modern cosmetic, laser and vein center, privately-owned by Dr. Dishakjian, a Board certified physician and cosmetic surgeon, who specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and phlebology ( vein care). During the last decade, Dr. Dishakjian has equipped the medical spa with the latest technologically advanced lasers and vein treatment systems to deliver the best cosmetic outcome in a soothing and comforting setting with minimum discomfort.

Dr Dishakjian specializes in non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to maintain, restore, refresh, resurface, and revive your face and body as well as remove your unsightly veins. The services offered at the Center are tailored to both women and men in total confidence. They include: facial rejuvenation, laser skin treatments, photofacials, body contouring, acne and scar removal, laser hair removal, Botox®, a variety of dermal fillers, lip enhancement, removal of varicose, blue and spider veins, and many other procedures usually offered at high-end Spas.

At Nu Vela, one of the top medical spas in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Dishakjian provides thousands of patients with alternatives to cosmetic surgery in the luxurious and comforting setting of the medical spa located in beautiful Porter Ranch in Los Angeles County. Many of the clientele of the Center come from Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood and West Hollywood. Dr. Dishakjian often sees patients who fly in from other states and countries to take advantage of his knowledge and experience with advanced non-surgical cosmetic and vein treatments.

Unlike most medical spas, Dr. Dishakjian personally performs all cosmetic surgery and vein procedures while treating each patient with the utmost respect, consideration and care. His personal attention and medical expertise sets Nu Vela apart from other franchise spas offering cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Dishakjian believes each patient should understand the full range of available cosmetic enhancement treatments and vein removal options. Dr. Dishakjian offers comprehensive patient education and guidance to give them an accurate, realistic understanding of procedures and probable outcomes. The cornerstone of Dr. Dishakjian’s success is the mutually trusting doctor-patient relationships he has built and nurtured – one patient at a time.

Dr. Dishakjian’s approach with each patient is always the same

  1. He listens to you, the patient, to understand your concerns, goals and desires.
  2. He will educate you about the treatment options that would best achieve your goals with the level of risk tolerance, downtime, aggressiveness and cost considerations that is acceptable to you.
  3. He never talks down to patients. He respects his patient’s intelligence while educating them about what is and is not a realistically achievable goal. In detail discussion of the procedures and the aftercare as well as reviewing before and after pictures are very helpful in this regard.
  4. His goal is always natural looking results. You should not fear about looking like someone else at the end of the process. You will get an enhanced and rejuvenated look, but it will be still you looking in the mirror. Others should never be able to see anything unnatural looking in your face, but just a refreshed, well rested and radiant look.
  5. Ultimately, his guiding principle in offering any treatment is whether the results will meet or exceed your expectations. Dr. Dishakjian’s hope is to gain your confidence and trust and to serve you for many years to come.

At Nu Vela, our goal is to give you a natural enhancement – beautifully. Don’t settle for anything less.