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Teeth Grinding Los Angeles

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a problem that afflicts a large percentage of Americans. Those that only grind at night won’t even be aware of it, unless told by someone or their dentist notices that they are wearing down their teeth. Teeth grinding can result in headaches, earaches, facial pain, chipped-teeth and may enlarge the masseter muscle, giving rise to a square face and wide jawline.

Dr. Raffi dishakjian, the cosmetic surgeon at Nu Vela, can tremendously help individuals with severe bruxism who haven’t responded to traditional treatments, such as bite blocks that keep teeth from coming together at night. To treat this condition, Dr. dishakjian will inject Botox® in carefully selected strategic points of the masseter muscle. Usually, 20 units Botox® or the equivalent units of Dysport® or Xeomin® are required for each side of the face.

Results from Botox® treatment of bruxism start a day or two after injection and improve as the masseter muscles shrink over the following few treatments. The treatment does not interfere with chewing, smiling or anything else, because the injected dose of Botox® is relatively small, but big enough to stop the cycle of bruxism.

It should be noted that many patients treated at Nu Vela for teeth grinding have reported a marked reduction in their general stress level.

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