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Under-Chin Fat and Double Chin Los Angeles

Humans develop fat deposits in specific, characteristic sites. As people gain weight, existing fat cells become larger. Increased prominence of fat under the chin is a common manifestation of aging and putting on weight. Excessive fat deposits in the neck can result in a “double chin”.

Dr. Dishakjian, the cosmetic surgeon at the medical spa, Nu Vela, uses Lipodissolve injections to conveniently reduce the fat deposits and contour the jawline. This procedure is less invasive than liposuction or other treatment modalities used to correct the condition and the outcome is very impressive.

Lipodissolve, as the name implies, is a fat dissolving product, containing Phosphatidylcholine and Sodium Deoxycholate , two chemicals naturally present in the body. When injected, it is mixed with a numbing medication, such as Lidocaine, to minimize any pain associated with the injections.


A typical under-chin fat removal session lasts less than 10 minutes, during which Dr. Dishakjian performs multiple micro injections of Lipodissolve mixed with Lidocaine, less than an inch apart, directly into the fat layer under the skin. Pain during the procedure is very tolerable by almost all patients. Following the treatment, swelling is normal, but will not last more for than two or three days. The number of treatment sessions required will depend on the size of fat deposits. Most patients are satisfied with 2 or 3 treatments performed once a month. Please go to lipotherapy to learn more about the procedure or go to Lipodissolve to learn about the nature and safety of the product.

Questions about Under-Chin Fat Reduction or the Cost?

Questions about under-chin fat reduction with Lipodissolve, or the cost? Contact our medical spa at 818-832-4500 and request a comprehensive consultation session with Dr. Dishakjian, cosmetic surgeon and a board-certified physician. Consultations with the doctor are free with the purchase of any service. We charge a nominal refundable consultation fee for the first office visit only. This fee is fully credited towards a subsequently purchased service.