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SkinTyte and Titan Light Therapy Los Angeles

As we age, our skin loses its tightness and elasticity, and if we’ve been overweight and lost the weight, the extra volume will have stretched the skin. Once our skin is stretched, it often stays that way. Of course, there are surgical ways to tighten skin, such as face lift, jowl lift, or neck lift, whereby the excess is removed and what remains is stretched to cover the tissue underneath. However, all surgery has risk.

At Nu Vela, we offer the Titan™ and SkinTyte two non-surgical light-based technologies to tighten loose skin. Titan™ and SkinTyte are safe revolutionary skin tightening systems that effectively fight gravity, jowl and neck laxity, saggy brow lines, turkey neck, and saggy skin of the face or any part of the body. Treatment with Titan™ gives you an all natural option to actively turn back the clock on the aging skin, restoring the lost facial contours, and achieve a toned and lifted appearance without downtime. Titan™ and SkinTyte are also a perfect companion to other forms of facial and body rejuvenation therapies.

Titan™ uses a deep penetrating infrared light source that uniformly heats the skin at a depth of 3-4mm stimulating new collagen growth and tightening the sagging skin above the treated area. SkinTyte from Sciton technologies is similar to Titan™ Light (Cutera technologies); that is, it acts on loose skin and makes it firm by delivering pulses of infrared light. The main difference between the two systems is the larger spot size (15 × 45 mm) of Skintyte, which results in shortened skin tightening treatment sessions. Accordingly, SkinTyte is more suitable than Titan™ Light for the treatment of larger areas, such as the abdomen, or the legs.

Despite the larger spot size, however, skin firming treatments with SkinTyte are quite comfortable. This is made possible thanks to the efficient cooling system of SkinTyte which cools the skin’s surface below 30ºC. Overall, patients who receive treatment with SkinTyte are as happy as those receiving Titan™ Light therapy for attaining remarkable skin firmness in the treated area. Talk to Dr. Dishakjian, the cosmetic surgeon of our medical spa, Nu Vela, to find out which treatment is the best for your skin condition.


It should be noted that unlike other more invasive lasers (carbon dioxide, Erbium Yag) that remove surface layers of the skin while heating the deep layers, Titan™ and SkinTyte heat deep skin layers while protecting the top layers by actively cooling them. This eliminates downtime, need for anesthesia, scarring risk and the recovery period. Although some brief swelling and redness may be noted with the treatment, Titan™ and SkinTyte are truly “lunchtime” procedures that are non-ablative and non-surgical in nature. There is no need for safety eyewear, numbing cream or nerve blocks and most patients experience only a mild discomfort relieved by over-the-counter analgesics, like Advil. At the conclusion of the treatment, sunscreen is applied. There is no downtime and no specific after care is required.

Candidate Suitable for Titan™ Light Therapy and SkinTyte

The Titan™ and SkinTyte Procedures are ideal solutions for patients who desire a more youthful, healthy and natural appearance and are looking for faster, less invasive procedures without surgery, scars, bruising or recovery time. During the past decade, Dr. R. Dishakjian has successfully treated many areas of the body where skin is lax. Loose skin on the abdomen, forehead, back of the upper arm, along the jaw line, and under the chin, respond particularly well to these procedures. Clinical results confirm improvement in more than 90 percent of the patients treated.

Number of Treatments Needed

Although a single treatment with Titan™ or SkinTyte has produced very good results for some patients, it is recommended to have up to three treatments, four weeks apart, to get the best results. Improvement begins to be apparent by the conclusion of the treatment and continues to build over the next 12 weeks. Skin tightening has been shown to last up to two years.

Combination Treatments

Titan™ and SkinTyte are also perfect companions to other forms of facial and body rejuvenation therapies. For best results, Titan™ can be safely combined with other complimentary treatments that address other aspects of aging, like dermal fillers to correct volume deficit, Botox® to soften expression lines, Lipodissolve injections to melt away accumulated fat pads (jowls, under chin), and photo facials to treat fine lines and sunspots.

Advantages of Titan™ and SkinTyte over Other procedures

Titan™ and SkinTyte deliver light energy that targets water on the molecular level and uniformly heats the deep dermis. Other energy sources, such as RF or radio frequencies may injure the fat in the deep dermis and do not provide the same even energy distribution, causing dimpling.

Side Effects of Treatment with Titan™ and SkinTyte

Immediately following treatment, you may notice some redness and mild swelling of the treated area which should dissipate within a few hours. During the procedure itself, you may feel a brief heating sensation which may be alleviated by taking a mild pain reliever prior to treatment.

Questions about Titan™ or SkinTyte Treatments or the Cost?

Please call 818-832-4500 for any enquiries regarding cost of treatment with either Titan™ Light or Skintyte, additional information, or scheduling a consultation session with Dr. Dishakjian, the cosmetic surgeon of the Center. Consultations with the doctor are free with the purchase of any service. We charge a nominal refundable consultation fee for the first office visit only. This fee is fully credited towards a subsequently purchased service.