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Nu Vela Laser Medical Spa

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11200 Corbin Ave Suite 104
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As good as it gets is the right way to describe this institute. This was my third visit to see Dr D. I am from Montreal Canada, and my family lives in LA. I visit LA minimum twice a year. Last year, I was referred to Nu Vela by a friend of my mom’s and her daughters. Initially I went to see Dr D for my varicose veins, and let me tell you he did wonders. To be honest I wasn’t expecting such wonderful results, after being disappointed many times with “similar” treatments I had here in Montreal. I really like how informed and professional Dr D is, and how he makes me feel at ease. Since my first visit, aside from vein treatment, I had Botox® and Juvederm injections, and I am really satisfied with the results as well. I read some other reviews about high pricing, it sounds really funny to me considering all the money I spent before going to Nu Vela, and had seen no results. I find the pricing very reasonable to start with, but even if other places do cheaper similar procedures, one has to look at the results. I would rather pay a little bit more, than to throw all my money to undeserving hands. I highly recommend Nu Vela, and yes you can thank me later 😉

by Maral A. , Montreal Canada

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Written on October 13, 2015
This place is awesome!! The staff is friendly and very helpful. I am the type of person that likes to ask questions, and in Nu Vela my questions are always answered in a very informative way. Love it!! Also Dr. Dishakjian is wonderful. All in all, this place is amazing and the job they do is definitely a very clean and professional work. There is nothing bad that I can say about this place, because every time I go there, I always come out with a smile on my face and very happy with the results.

by Kenis M.

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This place has helped me out greatly. I was getting made fun of at school because of my pimples. I came to the spot to get my face cleared up and now all my acne is gone. It took a while. As with anything it takes a while. But it’s well worth it. In the end, my self confidence is up and I don’t have to worry about getting bullied at school because my face is now cleared up. Now I can talk to girls without getting embarrassed. Nu Vela is the perfect place to go for acne removal. A must!

by Steve O.

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I came in a month ago to get a lipo treatment. The doctor injected a fat dissolving fluid into my problem area (inner thighs) and it was painless. The whole process took about 20min. The doctor was very professional, and he is genuinely caring. Unlike other doctors in the area that try to just get your money, he puts the patient’s needs first. My post op results are amazing. I now have an inner thigh gap, my legs don’t touch anymore and my skin is smooth and there are no ripples what so. There was some swelling for a few days, but my big tip is to soak in a hot bath with Epsom salt. The hot bath or jacuzzi will vasodilate your veins so the circulation will increase thus reducing inflammation and it also will prevent bruising. The Epsom salt is known for soothing aches and pains so I added that for fun. I’m not anyone in the medical field or anything, but the doctor made it very easy for me to understand and what to expect. I love Dr D. He’s the best

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by Jennifer C.

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I am writing this review, because simply Dr. Dishakijan is the best!!! I had an acne removal laser procedure done at “SouthCoastMedSpa” 2 years ago, and I paid WAY more for the treatment, the down time was almost a month (compared to Nu vela 5 days only), they made me buy pills to numb me, and they even charge a “security deposit” before your treatment. Their personnel do not even bother calling to check up on you after. At Nu Vela, Dr. Dishakijan takes care of you since the day of your free consultation!! I got some nerve blocker shots to numb my face prior to treatment, and a small after-treatment kit all included and I paid AFTER my procedure was done, not before! And the results, well, it’s been one treatment so far and I can see a HUGE difference in the scars I had! They are a lot less visible and by the second or third procedure, they should be about 90% GONE. That’s the same promise they gave me at the other place, but honestly, they just want your money! And I found them by Googling, and if you are looking into getting acne scar removal, look no more! Thanks Dr D!!

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by Albert N.

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I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you provided before, during and after my procedure. The results are truly amazing. I finally have a jaw line and chin!!! Your work is impeccable.

Thanks and gratitude,

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by Maryann

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I will definitely recommend the practice to anyone interested. I stumbled across Nu Vela by pure luck and I am glad that I did! It is one of the most impressive Cosmetic and Vein Surgery Centers I have ever seen: elegant, classy settings, and smells nice. Dr. Dishakjian went beyond all expectation. He was knowledgeable, respectful, frank, and professional. I had several procedures done on my face and I am very satisfied with what I achieved: a younger and more beautiful me; not someone that does not resemble me. I will keep visiting the Center for my future cosmetic needs.

Thank you Dr. Dishakjian,

by Pathy

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I was a kind of surprised to see my ‘before & photos’ in your website. I am writing to tell you that my face is still acne-free and glowing after almost two years. The acne treatment and chemical peel I had at your facility were so effective. Since then I am using the sunscreen recommended by Dr. Dishakjian. I love my New Face!

Thank you,

by Katia/Studio City

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Excellent Job! I wish I could post my before and after photos to convince the readers about the excellent job Dr. Dishakjian has done to restore the symmetry of my face by filling my sunken cheeks. I am so happy with the result.

by Sue J.

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As I walked into the office at Nu vela, I got a good vibe, from the warm feeling of the decor to the inviting receptionist, I felt very comfortable. It was my first time getting a facial and quite frankly, I was nervous because I have very sensitive skin. I was approached by Jenny, who made me feel comfortable as well after I told her about my skin situation. She was very honest and said that I should not receive a microdermabrasion due to having such sensitive skin and instead gave me a European Facial, which was simply amazing. She was very gentle and we even had a great conversation throughout, she made me feel relaxed. I recommend this and any facial at Nu vela Mesdpa, especially with Jenny. My face was shining, fresh, and I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. Can’t wait for my next appointment! It was such a great reward to myself!

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by Naz P.

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