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Published on November 17, 2015

I came in a month ago to get a lipo treatment. The doctor injected a fat dissolving fluid into my problem area (inner thighs) and it was painless. The whole process took about 20min. The doctor was very professional, and he is genuinely caring. Unlike other doctors in the area that try to just get your money, he puts the patient’s needs first. My post op results are amazing. I now have an inner thigh gap, my legs don’t touch anymore and my skin is smooth and there are no ripples what so. There was some swelling for a few days, but my big tip is to soak in a hot bath with Epsom salt. The hot bath or jacuzzi will vasodilate your veins so the circulation will increase thus reducing inflammation and it also will prevent bruising. The Epsom salt is known for soothing aches and pains so I added that for fun. I’m not anyone in the medical field or anything, but the doctor made it very easy for me to understand and what to expect. I love Dr D. He’s the best

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by Jennifer C.

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