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Published on August 25, 2015

As a mom, I used to put everyone else’s needs above my own. I was developing wrinkles on my face, my frown lines gave me an angry look, and my varicose veins had made me self-conscious about my legs. Surgery was not an option for me. Then, two years ago when I was visiting my parents in Los Angeles, a friend of mine insisted we swim in their private swimming pool. Having seen my legs, she was surprised I hadn’t taken care of them, and recommended a clinic where her mother was treated with a non-surgical technique. She said she sees the same doctor for cosmetic procedures.

Having realized my friend looked more beautiful than ever, I decided it was time I do something about my appearance too, and asked her to set up an appointment, not knowing what to expect. The clinic was Nu Vela. Right from the beginning, I was welcomed by Angela, who is so caring and sweet and Dr. Dishakjian seemed like an old friend, and not some intimidating doctor. My visit to this clinic changed everything about the way I understood getting Botox®, vein treatment, or cosmetic surgery. Since then, I have been a loyal client of Nu Vela.

I cannot say enough about the wonderful results I have had with my leg veins or my face from the Center. Dr. Dishakjian is a very knowledgeable doctor and always intently listens to my requests and makes me feel very secure. Most procedures I had, including foam sclerotherapy for my leg veins, were almost pain free. As to facial treatments, Dr. Dishakjian studies your face in the way an artist would look at a painting. Thanks to Dr. R. Dishakjian, I feel I can now age gracefully and contentedly. Since my visit to this clinic, my husband keeps telling me how great I look and I feel a boost of confidence from viewing my appearance in the mirror.
As a final note, I suggest Mr. KB E reads about the credentials of Dr.Dishakjian by visiting the sites of American College of Phlebology and American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and perhaps pay a visit to the center to watch the happy faces of women leaving the clinic. I am sure Angela will welcome him.

by Manal

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