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Published on November 14, 2015

I am writing this review, because simply Dr. Dishakijan is the best!!! I had an acne removal laser procedure done at “SouthCoastMedSpa” 2 years ago, and I paid WAY more for the treatment, the down time was almost a month (compared to Nu vela 5 days only), they made me buy pills to numb me, and they even charge a “security deposit” before your treatment. Their personnel do not even bother calling to check up on you after. At Nu Vela, Dr. Dishakijan takes care of you since the day of your free consultation!! I got some nerve blocker shots to numb my face prior to treatment, and a small after-treatment kit all included and I paid AFTER my procedure was done, not before! And the results, well, it’s been one treatment so far and I can see a HUGE difference in the scars I had! They are a lot less visible and by the second or third procedure, they should be about 90% GONE. That’s the same promise they gave me at the other place, but honestly, they just want your money! And I found them by Googling, and if you are looking into getting acne scar removal, look no more! Thanks Dr D!!

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by Albert N.

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