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Published on September 13, 2015

As a result of radical cancer surgeries, I was left with horrible purple discoloration on scar tissue on my neck – very visible. I always wore turtlenecks or blouses buttoned at the neck. I timidly went to see Dr. Dishakjian to see if he could help. I am very reticent about anyone touching my neck at all-ever! Dr. Dish performed his magic on my neck and now there is NO discoloration and I can wear open necks again. You can’t imagine how this has changed my life. Dr. Dishakjian is very particular about his work-as an artist would be. His results speak for themselves. If you have any hesitation, please take the time to make an appointment for a free consultation (by the way, there is never any sales pressure). You’ll never know how happy you can be unless you check it out. I’m so glad I did and only wish I had been brave enough years ago.

by Brenda S.

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